Assalamualaikum semua :)

Its not a good day sebab berkejar ke sana ke mari siapkan keje hantar assignment then print gambar. Dahla assignment compiler tu tak siap, due date petang ni weh pukul 4 petang ni yee bukan petang lusa minggu depan bagai.

Then dapat pulak emel Dr Rozi pasal presentation 11hb nanti. Muka tak nak berkerut pulak baca emel dia.huhu. Meh aku share emel dia.

Dear all,
Kindly be reminded that our TK2073 presentation will be held as follows:Day and Date: Monday 11/6/12Time: 8.30am (Booth Preparation); 9-11am (Presentation)Venue: Makmal Kejuruteraan and Makmal Rangkaian, Ground Floor, Block G

Do prepare yourselves with the following:

(1) Product (i.e. System demo)
(2) Documentation (i.e. project plan, specifications, code, test plans, user manual)
(3) Presentation materials (i.e. poster, video, slides)

You are given 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for \"Question & Answer\" session. Use your creativity to present as effective and interesting as possible by using the four mediums (i.e. demo, poster, video, slides) in a complementary manner (not redundant). 

Besides demonstrating that you are competent Software Engineers, present as if you are selling your product to potential buyers/customers.

The session is exhibition-oriented (i.e. presentation at the booths in parallel). Each table cluster in the labs acts as a booth where a group resides. The supervisor and two examiners will come to visit your booth at anytime. You may need to repeat the presentation if they come at different times. 

Do decorate/prepare your booth. Thus, come early. Paste your poster on the nearest point/space/wall to your booth and set the PC/laptop with your system and other presentation materials (i.e. video, slides). As professionals, you need to be well-dressed (i.e. corporate attire).

I hope these instructions are clear. If anything, let me know. 

See you next Monday. All the best!

Thanks and kind regards,TK2073 Coordinator

p/s: I will send the lab allocation soon.

See? Gempak tak? Taulah nak buat stail Imagine Cup tapi ni dah study week kot. Pressure you know. T_____________T

p/s : sekian.


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