Marriage: Just a thoughts.

Assalamualaikum. Hi. 

"Bila nak kawin?"
"Eh, kakak dah. Adiknya bila lagi?"
"Besar dah anak akak, bila nak dapat menantu?"

Erm. Familiar? If yes then yeah we are in the same shoes. Except for the second line, my sister still single in fact all of my siblings still single. Lately story about 'kawin muda' 'kawin awal' being viral, I mean its not literally viral but I can see from social media everyone talking about it *rolling eyes* yeah man, its quite annoyed me LOL. Maybe because I'm still single, having free, alone and lazy weekend at home. HAHA. But I'm happy for all my friends that already build their mosque. Tahniah, sila doakan Rusliyanah agar cepat bertemu jodoh. Amin.

Okay, I got a little thoughts about this thing. To be honest everytime I attend a wedding ceremony I feel a bit loser LOL and a few Q will flew into my brain.

"When I can be like you (the bride)?"
"When I can getting married?"
"Why I'm still single?" 

Quite hard to answer those Q because I'm not the one who hold my future, Allah does. Come to think about it, why should I questioned His plan? I plan something and Allah also plan something but I always said to myself 'His plan always the best, so have faith' As usual and typical human being, I do have jealousy in myself when I saw my friends getting married and having husband-wive life. In order to avoid this jealousy (setan tepuk tangan kalau kita cemburu) I will come out with these positive thoughts which is:

1. Why I still single?
- Because Allah knows when I get married now I will forget my parents and too enjoying my marriage life (minta dijauhkan I love my parents tho).
- Because I still dont have enough skills/knowledge about marriage life especially cooking skills. LOL. 
- Because Allah want me to have my single life before I'm going to marriage life :')
- Because Allah knows I'm not ready yet to go into marriage life, eventho I feel like I can get married soon but He still think that I'm not well prepared for it.

2. When I can get married?
- I plan something, my future husband also plan something and Allah also plan something for us. I always put in my mind that Allah's plan always the best so do not worry about it. Follow the flow.

3. When I can be like you (the bride)?
- Because Allah know this is not a right time for me to getting married and be like you, but when the time comes then I will getting married.

Marriage its not just about having a fancy ceremony, a good looking suit and dress, but its about how you can accept a stranger (if dijodohkan by parents) into your life, accept her/his flaws and accept what he/she can do or can't do, blend into her/his family, encounter her/his mood in any situation. There is no turning back in marriage life, you cannot undo things you just can fix the things. Once you go into marriage life, you cannot simply said 'lets breakup' 'I'm tired, lets end this marriage' (semoga dijauhkan). Kawin bukan sebab nafsu/iri hati sebab kawan dah kawin/ikut trend tapi kawinlah sebab tuntutan agama. 

Jangan exposed sangat marriage life awak, jangan tarbiah orang couple haram/kawin muda itu sunnah/ share pasal kawin muda and all those things. No, I'm not against sunnah. Rezeki awak sampai dulu untuk kawin awal, my turn dont know yet so please think of others, you never know what they're going through. Respect others feeling yah. Much appreciated.

Everytime I feel bad because I'm still single I always ask myself, am I ready to be with my future husband thru thick and thin? Am I ready to become a good wife to him? Am I ready to be a good mother to my future kids? Am I ready to take care of him? Am I ready to blend into his world for the rest of my life? Am I ready for that? 

Think more about it (nasihat diri sendiri juga).

For all single ladies like me, do not worry about it. Janji Allah pasti, bila sampai masanya kita kawin la nanti :) For those that already in marriage life, congratulations sebab Allah bagi rezeki awal bina masjid. Pray for my happiness also yah. 

Ya I know I dont have any experience of marriage life, who am I to talk about this? This is just a rubbish thoughts from a single-not-married-yet girl LOL. This post totally not to against marriage life but just a little thoughts about it, everyone got their own opinion and this is mine. 

Be happy :) 

Ya I know my grammar sucks.


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